Mellor Community Primary School

Checketts Road.Leicester. LE4 5EQ.
Telephone: 0116-2946098 or 0116-2946099. Email:

Early Start Foundation 1

Early Start was a Family Learning Programme offered to Foundation 1

The aims of the course were to support early learning. To have an insight of the six areas of learning that takes place in Foundation 1

This was an opportunity for parents to get together with other parents or carers and work with an adult tutor to learn about learning!

Adults explored how they could develop their speaking and listening skills.

They took home some stimulating activities to help their child develop and share the benefits of an "Early Start" with them.

They had the opportunity to work with their own child, supported by a Nursery Practitioner/Adult Tutor, to develop their language skills through practical play activities, set achievable challenges through identified targets.
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