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Family Code Club

Joint Time Parents and children working together

Code Club KS 2 Using Scratch This is a Computer Programming Language designed for children. It is designed to write instructions to do a variety of tasks e.g. to create games, simulation etc. It enhances creativity, logic thinking and sequential problems solving
The aim of the workshop was to introduce a new ICT programme that children use at school. They understood the importance of following instructions was importance to create a piece of music etc. in a sequence.
Learners gained an insight into one of the many ICT skills their children are taught in School. The parents were able to create an online account, so that they can share and play games with other people around the world. Learners comments
  • It was amazing to learn new skills.
  • My child already has a lot of knowledge about Scratch (Thank you ).
  • Following instructions is important.
  • I enjoyed the joint time with my child as we were able to continue the task at home and he was the teacher.
I enjoyed attending the workshops and leant how ICT had advanced.
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