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Family Health

Family Health and First Aid

Parents/carers worked with an adult tutor to learn about nutrition, family health, made their own mini First Aid Kits, learnt how to keep their family safe and gained a First Aid Certificate
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Learner's comments:

*I learnt about recognising and dealing with minor and major bleeds, C.P.R (baby, child and adult casualties), medical conditions like asthma, dyslexia, panic attacks, hay fever, diabetes, heart attacks, and how to put a casualty in the recovery position I feel so good and confident, about learning so many things about family health and how to deal with emergencies.

*I have become more aware of the quantity of sugar and salt used in meals and drinks.

*I went home and repeated the practical things that I had learnt with my child. For example, how to tie a bandage, how to put a casualty in the recovery positon. Now when I go shopping we read the labels for sugar and salt content. I have started to reduce ready meals.