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Family Maths

Keeping up with the children Maths

Parents were introduced to resources and methods used in school. Ways of making learning fun. Shared matching numbers/pictures (game spots on the ladybird), counting up numbers on the ladders - filling in the missing numbers. Adding and subtracting using number sentences. Using numicon - recognising shapes and colours to make a given number. Number bonds of 10, 12 (can go up to 20) - importance of number bonds for adding and subtracting for mental maths. Shapes and their properties. Website - espresso, mathletics and YouTube
Parents gained confidence to make numeracy games at home and to use strategies used at school. Learners comments
  • Learnt how numicon is used and how the shapes fit in to make number bounds to ten.
  • Importance of learning number bonds is a fantastic strategy for mental maths.
  • Ideas for making games.
  • How to use 20, 100 number squares for counting, learning 2, 5 and 10 timetables.
  • How to make learning fun.
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