Mellor Community Primary School

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Family Reading

Reading/Story Telling

Reading with your child - Shared and made reading resources. Shared Story Sacks. Made hand puppets and other resources to use with stories. CVC words, Rhyming words. Reading pictures and using their imagination to make stories.
To share reading strategies and to encourage parents/carers to spend time to read with their children. The emphasis was on speaking and listening to increase the children's vocabulary. To use pre-reading strategies i.e. talking about things that interest them, could be going out for a walk in the park, feeding the ducks, looking at books with pictures and making stories using pictures, noticing and talking about what they see in their surroundings/ environment etc.
To encourage parents to share quality time with their children and make reading fun. Parents/carers Comments
  • It was interesting to see a story sack and how it is used.
  • I will try and make resources that go with stories.
  • Making hand puppets with socks is a good idea.
  • I learnt about looking at pictures to make stories.
  • I learnt about the importance of questioning, speaking and listening.
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