Mellor Community Primary School

Checketts Road.Leicester. LE4 5EQ.
Telephone: 0116-2946098 or 0116-2946099. Email:

Mellor pupils are fortunate to have access to high quality sound recorders and microphones in the school's bespoke radio room to broadcast to classes within the Mellor building. They are encouraged to produce topic related radio and pod casts as part of their school learning experience.

As well as providing Mellor Pupils with an exciting opportunity to present learning in a different and innovative way, Mellor pupils get to take control of their own learning by making decisions about how to present something and what to include or take out of a radio presentation. Pupils show their creativity when devising radio scripts and improvise when conducting interviews. In piecing together a radio show, Mellor pupils learn collaboration skills, how to be a member of a team and how to make an effective broadcast.

Pupils have been recruited to become Mellor Radio Monitors to provide technical support to teachers and their classes.


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