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Year 6

Cross Corners
Year 6 visited Cross Corners to complete some sewing activities.
We looked at the nature in the gardens and then used our sewing skills to create bird and fish artwork.
Outdoor Garden
Year 6 visited the Outdoor Garden, wrapping up warm in the cold weather.
Karen taught us how to make a fire and we used the flames to make popcorn! We also used it to keep warm! We also did some creative cloud watching and saw so many different shapes.

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Science Week
During Science Week, we did some experiments around the theme "Our Diverse Planet"
We looked at diverse tastes by tasting a variety of different foods. We also looked at what different liquids could do to our teeth over time!
Big School Birdwatch
Year 6 pupils teamed up with year 1 to spot and identify birds for the Big School Birdwatch.
We explained to year 1 pupils how to identify some common birds then went out birdwatching in the Mellor playgrounds.