Full Governing Body

Resources Management

Finance, Pay, Staffing, Appeals, Staff Appraisal, Human Resources, Premises,  Cross Corners, Grievances, GDPR  Health and Safety





1st  - Nik, Jasbir, Chris, Sunil, Bhavesh

2nd – Asma, Saarah ,Kate

Performance and Standards

School Improvement  Plan SIP, Teaching and Learning, Under- performing groups, Admissions,  Attendance, Family  and Community outreach, Fundraising for the school, Parental involvement



1st Nik, Saleha, Asma, Saarah, Kate

2nd  - Jasbir, Chris, Sunil, Bhavesh



v  Elect Chair and Vice-chair

v  Set committee structure and membership

v  Sign Governor Code of Conduct

v  Complete Register of Business Interests

v  Review governor’s areas of responsibility

v  Review SIP

v  Agree programme of meetings

v  HT’s report

v  Instrument of Government

v  Monitor budget

v  Financial benchmarking

v  Carry out annual salary review in line with GB’s Pay Policy

v  Agree virements if necessary

v  Headteacher Appraisal

v  Determine teacher’s pay in light of appraisal review.

v  Approval of Consistent Financial Reporting (CFR) data submitted for prior financial year – September

v  Approving Outturn and revised

v  Health and Safety/welfare

v  Behaviour and anti-bullying

v  Invacuation/Evacuation fire policy

v  Accessibility Plan

v  Business continuity

v  Security and intruder

v  Lettings

v  Covid 19 Risk Assessment, Contingency plan and staff protocols


Book external advisor to lead Headteachers Appraisal in Autumn term


Policy Review:

v  Safeguarding (CP, Induction, safe recruitment, code of conduct, safe guarding audit, safeguarding report, child missing in education, allegations of abuse against staff)

v  Pay policy

v  Teacher Appraisals

v  Data protection (GDPR)

v  Financial Administration Policy

v  Up-date School Improvement Plan and School Evaluation Form

v  Analyse and share pupil data

v  Set pupil progress targets

v  Interventions

v  Disadvantaged pupils and under -performing groups

v  Monitor pupil progress

v  Monitor teaching and Learning

v  Up-date school prospectus

v  Review educational visits

v  Cross Corners

v  Community Outreach

v  Parent courses

v  Parent views

v  Exclusions /  Review individual pupil exclusions

v  Fundraising for school

v  Attendance

v  Remote Learning




Policy Review:

v  Foundation Stage

v  Equalities and Cohesion

v  Equality Objectives




·   HT’s report /

·         Consider implications of next year’s pupil numbers and staffing structure



·         Determine support worker’s pay in light of appraisal review.

·         Institute any possible staff reductions, incl. end of temp contracts in August.

·         Review staffing structure

·         Plan new budget in line with emerging SIP

·         Monitor budget

·         Agree virements

·         Approval of Schools Financial Value Standard

·         Mid-term appraisal reviews for teaching staff

·         Agree maintenance  budget  and programme

·         Consider report on condition of premises/ repairs etc.


Policy Review:

·         Capability policy

·         Discipline, Conduct, Grievance

·         Charging Policy

·         Behaviour and anti-bullying

·         Control and restraint policy

Policy Review:

·         SEN/D

·         Medication










·         HT’s report

·         Agree budget

Agree dates of meetings for next academic year



v  Draft new budget in line with emerging SIP

v  Monitor budget

v  Agree virements if necessary

v  Agree and Approval of Budget Plan for year – May

v  Submitting the annual statutory safeguarding report to the local authority

Policy Review:

·         Relationship and Sex Education Policy

·         Admissions policy

·         Complaints Procedure